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Another Year for the Books.


2017 saw the introduction of our tennis programs, growth in the Soccer for Success program, and more coaches trained than ever before! 


Creating Access.


Kids can't play sports if they have barriers to access. With that in mind, we take our programs into the parks and schools where our players live. 

2017 saw expanded locations, including seven outdoor park locations for soccer and two outdoor park locations for tennis. Along with the outdoor programs, we worked in thirteen indoor spaces including the Buffalo Public Schools afterschool programs and Community School programs. 

We believe our coaches are our greatest assets, so we spend time on their development. In 2017, we trained 60 coach-mentors to work with players from our programs providing sports specific training, CPR/First Aid training, and coach-mentor training. 

In our partnership with the U.S. Soccer Foundation and the Independent Health Foundation for the Soccer for Success program, we provided 1,300 bags of fresh fruits and vegetables for our players to try. With the health and wellness components of the program, we want to be sure that players are able to access and try new and healthy foods. 

With the expansion of the tennis program, work with the Community Schools, Western New York Girls in Sports program, and the Soccer for Success program, Algonquin Sports for Kids was able to reach 2,400 youth in our community to help them build the skills needs to be change agents in their community. 



bags of healthy food





trained coach-mentors



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Looking to the future. 


Respect * Integrity* Collaboration * Accountability * Adaptability

Relying on the past gets you stuck where you are, so we spent 2017 developing a strategic plan for the future. 

Over the next several years we will be working to add programs that will create more access to sports- in both traditional and non-traditional ways- across the Western New York community. Taking up to date research, working with players, families, schools, and local branches of sport governing bodies, we hope to increase opportunities for everyone to play. 

In addition to expanding our sports offerings we will be looking to collaborate and work with partners in Western New York who are creating positive impacts in youth sports. Creating access and opportunity is not about who gets the credit, but is about how we can come together to develop larger, long term impacts. 

We are excited about what the future holds for Algonquin Sports for Kids, for the youth in our program, and for Western New York.  


Help us create community leaders for the future.