Being Thankful

2018 has brought so many opportunities for us to be thankful at Algonquin Sports. We have seen our internal team grow adding a Program Manager, Program Coordinator, and a Coordinator of Rcruitment, Training, and Retention. Each of these people came to the administrative team after spending time on the fields coaching, so they know what that’s like- the struggles and the successes. Thier insights and enthusium so far have already made the programs we run better and I look forward to continue to listen and learn from them so that we are able to serve the community in the ways that are needed and helpful.

Our Soccer for Success program continues to train young people in the community on how to serve as coach-mentors, putting sports skill secondary to teach the important life skills our kiddos need. In 2018 we trained over 100 coaches on the idea of coach-mentorship and each of these people spent time in the community teaching, coaching, and building relationships with kids in the program. Those relationships are what our staff is most proud of when I speak with them. They tell me stories of the ways they see their players grow as people and community members and the real importance of sports always shines brightest in these moments.

The Algonquin tennis program built momentum and is growing, exposing more Western New York kids to a new sport. Often when we start the tennis program the kids excitement levels are not really high, but when we are midway through the season “tennis is my favorite sport” is echoed by many.

While 2018 comes to a close, I am so happy and excited for 2019. We have so much to be thankful for and I know that 2019 will be filled with reasons to be thankful as well. I, and the entire Algonquin Sports for Kids team, wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving and look forward to celebrating all that is great and all the hard work being done to continue to make Buffalo and Western New York great. Cheers to you all!