Dedicated experts with a proven record of success.


Ground Team

Our coaches are the backbone of all our programs. Our coaching staff attends trainings yearly, is background checked, and has certifications in first aid/CPR, HEADS Up Concussion, and sport specific knowledge. 


Lead Coaches
Nikki Bartholomew
Steven Weaver
Robert Taylor
Meredith Shaul
Teddy Rivera
Kendra Durden
Emily Naum
Gregory Massey

Head Coaches
Alana Humphrey
Aranne Paige-Rispoli
Connor Galvin
Denis Yacinthe
Franky Martinez
Heather Titanic
James Longard
Jeromy Allsop
Jillian Spangler
Kara Orlowski
Kyle Hubbard
Melissa Frys
Michayla Marchese
Taofik Kaid
Tyler Pendelton
Yussuf Hussein


Senior Leadership

Our behind the scenes team making sure the mission, vision, and values remain priorities while also ensuring high quality programming across Western New York. 


Anna-Lesa Calvert
Executive Director

Kendra Durden
Program Manager

Lauren Pristach
Program Coodintor


Teddy Rivera
Training, Retention, & Recruitment Coordinator

Alex Nearhood
VISTA Member

Abdi Salim
Ameri-Corp Member





Board of Directors

Board members are the fiduciaries who steer our organization towards the future by adopting sound, ethical, and legal governance and financial management policies, as well as by making sure we have adequate resources to advance our mission.


Robert Morgan
Hodgson Russ

Thomas Garigen

David Thiemecke

Ally Pawarski
Pegula Sports and Entertainment

Sarah Bostock
Campus Labs

Sarah Miller
Hodgson Russ

Megan Kiernan
Hitachi Metals America

Jonathan Fleischauer

Jeffrey Kamien
First Aurora Finacial Group