Girls flag football



Girls who participate in sports develop leadership and teamwork skills that increase their opportunities in their professional lives. Girls who play sports are 20% less likely to get breast cancer later in life. Girls who play sports have a better body image and a better self image. Girls need access and opportunities to play sports! Algonquin Sports for Kids is dedicated to ensuring girls have access and opportunities to join in and develop the valuable skills needed for their futures!

This all girls program will give young female athletes the opportunity to learn new skills through sport.

Designed specifically for middle school athletes, this program will follow the NFL Flag Football Middle School Curriculum, emphasizing football concepts and strategies such as basic offense and defense, downs and distance, player positions and decisions making.

Athletes will practice skills from all aspects of the game, including but not limited to, throwing/passing, catching, kicking/punting, route running, and defense.

Although the main emphasize will be on concept and skill development, athletes will have the opportunity to use their skills in a friendly competitive situation on Saturdays.

In 2019, we will be offering two programs:

Field Of Play Program - For girls between the ages of 9-11 years old. This program, following the NFL Flag Football guidelines, will give players a basic overview of the game of Flag Football. With an emphasis on terms, concepts, and strategies such as basic offense, defense and player positions, athletes will build a foundation for further development.

Extra Point Program - For girls between the ages of 12-14 years old. While no previous experience is needed, the Extra Point program will review and further develop the skills mastered in the Field of Play program. Athletes will tackle more complex concepts, strategies, and skills, such as running downs and distance, running routes, and decision making, needed to compete.

Photo from Gwinnett photographer:  Trevor McNaboe

Photo from Gwinnett photographer: Trevor McNaboe



Expected Start Date July 15-August 23


Renaissance Foundation Community Center




$25 to play

No family will be turned away do to financial constraints, please let us know if you need assistance