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Algonquin Skateboarding

Program Runs On Saturdays September 14-October 19:

9:30am-10:30- Novice and Girls Only

10:30-11:00- Free Skate

Starting in July of 2019 Algonquin Sports for Kids will be offering an introductory skateboarding program to give kids across Western New York a chance to try an individualized sport.

Over the course of six weeks the program will teach new skaters the basics of how to skateboard, how to skate safely, and how to practice proper etiquette while at a skatepark.

Along with building a strong foundation in skateboarding, our program aims to foster a supportive environment that promotes personal growth.

We will be offering three specific programs:

Beginner Co-Ed- For athletes between the ages of 7-14 years old. The Beginner program is designed to build the fundamental skateboarding skills for skaters.

Girls Only Program- For female athletes who would like to try skateboarding in a girls specific environment. Girls are not required to do the girls only program and have the option to do either the girls program only or the co-ed program. This program will be designed for girls between the ages of 8-14 years old.